Thank you for visiting Uniquely Salado's Artist Coop. Uniquely Salado is an Artist Cooperative Retail Shop located in historical downtown Salado near the Barton House Restaurant.

This is a wonderful opportunity for artist to gain exposure and sell their artwork in a certified art district by the state of Texas. Salado is known for its bustling art and bed and breakfast community. With many events going on year around, the foot traffic tends to stay steady, however peek times are spring, fall, and the first two weekends of December.  January and August tend to be the slowest times due to weather.


Here are a few reasons why to be a Uniquely Salado Artist:


-You have complete Artistic license to create your space how you want.

-Rent at only $25 per linear foot in the middle room and $20 per linear foot in the side rooms. For example, a 5 foot wall @ $20 would be $100 a month in the side rooms. You also get a foot out from the wall to put a display table, if you desire.

-The freedom to price your own art

-POS system (credit card fees do apply), advertising, Tags, bags, website exposure are all provided by Uniquely Salado

-Opportunity to work and sell your art at pre-scheduled times of your choosing

-A break-room and creative area to do your art while you are working.

-Printed Artist Bio on every display and briefing to all artists about your art.

-Opportunities to give art classes as arranged by Uniquely Salado

-Festival Opportunities



A Few things to know:


Due to the cost of running credit cards, bags, and supplies, a 10% fee will be charged to the artist on every sale run through the POS. However, if the artist chooses to use their own credit card processing system and package their own art for the customer, the fee can be dropped.


Rent is due monthly and it is strongly encouraged to re-arrange your artwork for a fresh look each month.


Each artist is required to work a day or half day, depending on how many artists are renting space. This is for the benefit of the artist as your art work sells best when you are present to sell it. There will be a space for you to work on your art, if you so desire. You are not limited to one day of work if you desire more.


Payment Schedule to the Artist for Sold Art will be on the 5th of the month via check. (Art sold up and through the last day of the previous month will be included in that payment.) Example… are showing June 1-Aug 1……art sold on June 29…you will be receiving payment on July 5 for that sale………….art sold on July 1……you will be receiving payment on Aug 5 for that sale



If you are interested in becoming a Uniquely Salado artist, please contact Hollye Davis at 254-308-2015 or email for an application.